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Nyambika Design Overview

A project designed and implemented by Universal Bridge ltd, a private company that provide different IT solutions to society globally. Nyambika design goal is to deploy Technology means in Rwandan clothing Industry to address different issues that stagnates local clothing and apparels production.


To coordinate and empower people in clothing industry in Rwanda


  1. To assemble people in Rwandan clothing industry
  2. To promote their production
  3. To sensitize people to locally produced clothing products
  4. To establish efficient online shopping
  5. To establish Rwandan clothing industry workshops and training center


Nyambika Design is to be the standalone projects with clothing workshop and training center

Nyambika Design System Functionalities

  1. To Create common market for clothing and apparels related product that are locally produced
  2. To Expose locally produced clothes and apparels globally
  3. To join together local clothes producers and encourage them to behave as single unit in order to influence a merket
  4. To modernize clothing and apparels Industry in Rwanda
  5. To Train local lothes and apparels producers on benefits of using electronic commerce in their daily activities

Producers Benefits

Nyambika design projects was initially developed to help Tailors, cooperatices associations, industries and local businesses engaged in clothing and aparels production in Rwanda. Clothes producers through Nyambika design Platform they will be able to:

  1. Market their products online
  2. sell their products online
  3. Receive orders online
  4. Buy raw materials to be used in their production online
  5. Use online payments provided by system
  6. Manage their business activities online

Customer Benefits

Customer Benefits in using Nyambika Design

  1. Easly access to market
  2. Time management
  3. Customer choice will be granted
  4. Plenty of products
  5. Effective payment system
  6. effective preventive to corona virus

Legal Ownership

Nyambika Design Project is 100% owned by Universal Bridge ltd Rwanda click to View more on Universal Bridge

Nyambika Design Partners

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