Agents Application Form

Nyambika design is a project designed and Implemented by Universal bridge ltd, a company that provides software development facilities, IT projects consultations, publish software programs and provides computer maintenance and networking services .

Nyambika design was developed with the following Oblectives

  1. To stimulates and modernize the sale and market of clothing related products in Rwanda
  2. To Promote made in Rwanda clothing products globaly
  3. To enhance and strenghthen electronic commerce in Rwanda
  4. To boost clothing production in Rwanda
  5. To provide job employment opportunities to Rwandan youth

Based on information provided in above paragraphs. Nyambika design is pleased to inform the general public that, it is recruiting people to work as Agent in
marketing department


  1. To Identify or find tailors/companies/businesses and industries who need Nyambika designs Services
  2. To Convince and Encourage tailors/businesses/ companies and industries to use Nyambika platforms
  3. To register tailors/businesses/companies and industries on Nyambika design system
  4. To represent Nyambika Design


Those who are eligible to this to apply this position must meet the following criterias:

  1. Applicants must have at least A2 diploma
  2. Applicants imust able to speak either English, or french
  3. Applicants should have adequate marketing skills
  4. Applicants must have good communication skills
  5. Applicants must have great bargaining skills


  1. He/She will get a half from fees paid by tailor/company/business/industry to use the system
  2. Become Distributors/Retailers of Nyambika Design Products

 If you are eligible to this offer please click on Apply here